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The heart of the Greenhouse


In 1977 I found myself with many seemingly unrelated skills and wanted to integrate them into my future. For the first time, I knew what my faith and walk with a Nazarene named Jesus actually was, much more pragmatic and intentional than I had been taught. Over the next few years I tried about as varied a course of employment as one could have. Also at the same time I was growing spiritually I got the business name, The Greenhouse, registered with the state of Minnesota. Still I struggled. I was a musician, I had excellent presentational skills and had been trained in Creative Problem solving. I selected the slogan, "... helping people and ideas grow."

Then in 1991 I began to live life on the basis of Taoist "right livelihood", doing only the things my heart vibrated to and going away from tasks or concerns that did not really excite me.

From 1991 forward I have followed my heart and vision in exciting partnerships with an eclectic array of persons and businesses. I have never been happier in my life and more fulfilled.



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